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So here I was, minding my own business, and trying to write some JavaScript documentation, when IDEA tells me in their very thin documentation, that they support JsDoc.

Good, let's see it:

Sourceforge? Was it written by dinosaurs? I remember dinosaurs used to use Sourceforge and put their stuff there. T-Rexes typing with their tiny hands, were the main committers using it, but since poor T-Rexes went away, no one replaced them. Come back T-Rex. We miss you.

Fine let's see the Rhino-based JSDoc.

Notice the vibrant community of 2 committers, and yet starred by 841.

And then finally:



Let those numbers sink in: 51 contributors, last commit 17 hours ago, 2593 people starred it.



You can literally feel the history of this project, and the fantastic boom that had it now, which tell you in turn what happened with JavaScript since 2010 till now.


And still has Rhino support in case you missed it from v2. Completely unrelated quote:

Let it go! Let it go!

Elsa (Frozen)

I'm not sure of the context where she said these. Might have been unrelated to JavaScript, and in relation to some past history and ice and snow of hers.

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