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  • Fast Iteration With Byobu, Vim and fast-live-reload

    A while back I wrote a small program named fast-live-reload. The point of it was to be able to do things whenever files change (be that refreshing browsers, or executing programs, such as Compass compilation).

    Here is another sample on how I use it to try out python snippets really fast:

    I basically split my current view in two (using byobu), and I edit in the left view with my trusty vim. Whenever I save, fast-live-reload picks it up and executes the script.

    Instant feedback is instant ;-).

  • fast-live-reload 2.6.0 Can Run Commands for Each File

    If you don't know what fast-live-reload is you should probably see this video. TL;DW: unlike any other live reload tool on the planet, fast-live-reload can build execution pipelines (probably the only one still from the command line), serve folders, proxy sites, etc. Truly a Swiss army knife.

    More than once when monitoring folders, I wanted to execute commands for the specific files that would change.

    A good example that comes to my mind is AsciiDoc. When I monitor a folder where I have a bunch of asciidoc files, I want to run asciidoctor individually. For that file. So far that was not really possible. What I would do would be, decide upfront on what file I would work, and run:

    fast-live-reload -o '*.adoc' -e 'asciidoctor mycurrentfile.adoc'

    "Superb", I know.

    Finally, since version 2.6.0, if in the executed command the variable $FILE is defined, the command will be executed for each changed file, and the FILE environment variable will be passed to the script. Thus the previous example would be:

    fast-live-reload -o '*.adoc' -e 'asciidoctor $FILE'


    If you want this tool, you need node and just:

    npm install -g fast-live-reload


  • fast-live-reload Presentation

    When creating web applications, a lot of time is consumed switching back and forth between the code and the application itself. What if there would be an application that would refresh your browsers automatically?

  • Live reloading web pages using VIM

    Do you want to live reload the browser as you edit and save using VIM?

    Well wait no more, you can install the application by simply running:

    npm install -g fast-live-reload

    Afterwards whenever saving, the page is automatically reloaded. Without any browser plugins.

    fast-live-reload in action


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