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  • core-lang: Better Collection Classes for JavaScript

    It brings me great joy to announce the release of version 1.0.0 of core-lang, the collection classes I wrote for JavaScript.


    With an API that is fully compatible with the JavaScript API, keeping the same signatures and behaviors for functions such as forEach, etc, but also inspired from groovy, having methods such as groupBy, chaining support, and full Promise support, allowing to deal with collections that contain promises, or are transformed to promises, using simple chainable calls.

  • core-promise and core-lang Promise ES6 TypeScript API updates


    After a bit of fiddling around I managed to convince the core-promise implementation to actually implement the Promise interface from the ES6 typescript definitions itself:

     * Represents the completion of an asynchronous operation
    interface Promise<T> {
        * Attaches callbacks for the resolution and/or rejection of the Promise.
        * @param onfulfilled The callback to execute when the Promise is resolved.
        * @param onrejected The callback to execute when the Promise is rejected.
        * @returns A Promise for the completion of which ever callback is executed.
        then<TResult>(onfulfilled?: (value: T) => TResult | PromiseLike<TResult>, onrejected?: (reason: any) => TResult | PromiseLike<TResult>)" Promise<TResult>;
        then<TResult>(onfulfilled?: (value: T) => TResult | PromiseLike<TResult>, onrejected?: (reason: any) => void): Promise<TResult>; 
         * Attaches a callback for only the rejection of the Promise.
         * @param onrejected The callback to execute when the Promise is rejected.
         * @returns A Promise for the completion of the callback.
        catch(onrejected?: (reason: any) => T | PromiseLike<T>): Promise<T>;
        catch(onrejected?: (reason: any) => void): Promise<T>;
        [Symbol.toStringTag]: string;

    Thus not only you have now all the test guarantees, you also get the API guarantees. Neat!


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